Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Doa for Gaza

11 Aug 13 : 11:50pm
Just arrived from KLIA airport in another failed attempt to send home my 13 Palestinians friends. Our first attempt was 2 days before Eid day, the most celebrated festival for every Muslim, when everybody wants to be with their belovered family. They have all the tickets to Cairo. Visa to Egypt was finally obtained after a lot of hassle days before. One has to travel through Egypt to enter Gaza via Rafah Crossing. They are all excited to be back after a month in Malaysia, as much as all of us excited to`balik kampung for raya'.  Nobody have any reason to expect otherwise. 

But when we approached Etihad counter, all the airline officer can say "We have to obtain security clearance from Egyptian authority before we can accept any Palestinian on board". Mind you, this only applies to Palestinian. So what is the visa for?

It's only 1/2 hour before the flight time when the officer came again and said : "Sorry, we don't get any clearance from Egypt. No way you can fly tonight." That's two sentences means they can't fly for the next 6 days as the Rafah Crossing will be closed until 4th day of Eid. It's also mean the first time in their life they will not be spending Eid with their family; wife and children. Bags of Eid gifts bought for their family and relatives at shops around Bangi and Kajang will have to wait.

Tonight, 6 days after the first attempt and Rafah Crossing `supposed' to be opened, they all drive to KLIA again with even higher expectation. 8 hrs straight drive 500km from Terengganu to KLIA with 15 mins break for solah, just to say good bye to them, is no issue for me. Tonight, they are taking Egypt Air just to minimise any possible hiccup.

This time, it's still 2 hours away before flight time when the counter staff told them : "We are yet to receive any instruction to accept Palestinians on board. No point waiting here as it is 2 pm in Cairo and very unlikely we will get any today. We will call you, no need to call us." And again this only applied to Palestinians. It took quite a while to make them accept the fact that they are not going home yet again. Can't blame them. One of them didn't pick-up call from his wife as he didn't know what to say. If it is not that they are among the best of faith ..... i can't imagine how they could take it.
Slowly we push their trolley back to the van waiting for the third attempt.

Truelly they are treated as 2nd class citizen of the world.

La tahzan my brothers, Allah with us and we are with you .....

*by the way, they are not just any Palestinians. They are the best of them. 14 chosen hufazz brought by Aqsa Syarif to be the Imams for Terawikh and sharing their life experience first hand. In total they have visited almost 400 masjid and surau from Perlis to Sabah, countless offices and schools. Names and faces that will forever in my heart : Tareeq, Adham, Namer, Muhammad, Wael, Ahmad, Raed, Ismail, Mus'ab, Mu'min, Bilal, Baha', Abu Ratib and Hameed.

Only Him we serve and only Him we ask for help....

May Allah grant them ease and sabar. Pity their families and children. 

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